Areeba has a gift like no other. She has the ability to connect with you at such a deep level and find answers that your soul is searching for. She made me face realities I’ve long been ignoring because of my conditioning, and I’m forever grateful to her for enabling me to live my best life without fear. I have never been happier.

– Rhea, Copenhagen

Areeba is absolutely amazing. Talking to her was like talking to a friend I’ve know for years. I was feeling a bit lost and confused when it came to my career, but Areeba put my mind to ease and gave me such wonderful insight to my situation. So many things were put into perspective for me. I’ve taken everything we’ve discussed into account and it has helped me tremendously. Looking forward for more follow up sessions. Thanks Areeba you are a star.

– Hiba, London

I highly recommend Areeba to anyone seeking clarity and direction in their life.  Areeba was very considerate and insightful, effortlessly tapping into the unconscious mind’s message and beliefs,  assisting in decisions on what one truly wants, and opening up meaningful discussions. Sparking the confidence and drive to move forward and follow their goals.

– Deborah, London

Consulting with Areeba validated my suspicions that there may be a better way for me to do life. In effect our discussions gave me permission to pursue what I believed to be a more authentic approach to life, and one that was not necessarily governed or guided by orthodoxies.

–  Kumaran, London

“I remember being a kid and having a very strong “gut instinct”. Never thought through much, just acted and just knew what I needed to do.

As the years added up and life became more complicated, that instinct/inner knowing became quieter and felt like it drifted far away.

Sessions with Areeba have helped me regain that inner intuition/gut feeling. Helped give that inner voice a mic.  Often she will surface or give words to a feeling I senses but could not figure out.

Her readings provide clarity when I’m confused about something (which is often due to self doubt) and remind me to go back to my inner knowing.

Coolest part is, each session is about going deeper and creating a better understanding of self. It feels like bringing jigsaw pieces of your life and purpose together to begin to understand yourself and heal.”

– Tina, Canada

“If you are doing what you are doing, and it feels right, then great. If, however, you have a vague inkling that there may be something else or more for you, then consulting with Areeba is likely to be a great place to begin.”

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It’s empowering to know which direction is right for you or to know the source of your anxiety or mental block. The best part is that the answers come from you, the deeper you, your authentic self.

All I do is convey the message.