Connecting you with your

Inner Mind

Did you know that

you can discover your own truth

and answers through Subcounscious Readings?


Areeba has a gift like no other. She has the ability to connect with you at such a deep level and find answers that your soul is searching for. She made me face realities I’ve long been ignoring because of my conditioning, and I’m forever grateful to her for enabling me to live my best life without fear. I have never been happier.

– Rhea, Copenhagen

Areeba is absolutely amazing. Talking to her was like talking to a friend I’ve know for years. I was feeling a bit lost and confused when it came to my career, but Areeba put my mind to ease and gave me such wonderful insight to my situation. So many things were put into perspective for me. I’ve taken everything we’ve discussed into account and it has helped me tremendously. Looking forward for more follow up sessions. Thanks Areeba you are a star.

– Hiba, London

The Only Thing You were Born to be is


Hi, I’m Areeba.

I do Subconscious Readings to help people solve problems in their lives, process conflicting thoughts or emotions as well as understand their deeper selves and life purpose.

The method is incredibly effective and requires no meditation and nor does is require you to take any significant time out of your day. The quality of the reading is not affected by location or whether you are working or even asleep.

Let’s see if we are the right fit.

I offer a free initial, no obligation consultation to explore how Subconscious Readings can help you.

It’s empowering to know which direction is right for you or to discover the source of your anxiety or mental block. The best part is that the answers come from your authentic self, the deeper you. All I do is convey this message.

– Areeba