About me

Hi, I’m Areeba.

I do Subconscious Readings to help people solve problems in their lives, process conflicting thoughts or emotions as well as understand their deeper selves and life purpose.

The method is incredibly effective and requires no meditation and nor does is require you to take any significant time out of your day. The quality of the reading is not affected by location or whether you are working or even asleep.

My Approach

Just to make it clear- there is nothing mystical in what I do. I’m not a fortune teller, clairvoyant or psychic. I use a simple method that I have practiced and honed for over 10 years to communicate with people on a subconscious level and hear what they have to say. It’s the same as talking directly to another person, but on a deeper level. People only tell me what they want me to know and I maintain the strictest confidence of what is shared.

You are probably curious as to how I came to this and what is involved.  Over ten years ago I learned a system that taught me how to access my own subconscious mind and then, over many years, I learned how to communicate with other people’s subconscious minds and help them access a part of themselves that is more aware and true to their own being.

By doing this, clients have understood themselves more effectively and on a deeper level. Allowing them to be able to deal with all sorts of issues from solving niggling problems that seem to have no right answer to becoming aware of their true purpose in life and higher self.

While Subconscious Readings are not Therapy, they can be very Therapeutic!

It’s empowering to know which direction is right for you or to know the source of your anxiety or mental block.

The best part is, the answers come from you, the deeper you, your authentic self.

All I do is convey this message from you to yourself and don’t offer my opinion or tell you what I believe is right or wrong.

I simply let your subconscious self do all the talking!

Afterwards, people often have ‘shifts’ after having subconscious readings. Quite often I am told the reading awakens their own awareness and helps to guide their path.