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If you’ve spent any time on social media,

you would have come across countless memes and posts about authenticity, positivity, being the ‘best version’ of yourself accompanied by photos of people living perfect lives in perfect homes or holidaying on pristine beaches in far flung locations.

Your life may rarely or never look like theirs. You may look and feel very different to what you BELIEVE it ought to be because the noise of other people’s opinions and advice, your life condotioning and the turbulent times we are living in are in fact scrambling our understanding of who we truly are and what is right for us as individuals.

“95% of human behaviour is unconscious”

At a Google Talk, author Robert Greene, who has studied and written about human behaviour for decades, stated that “95% of human behaviour is unconscious…it’s as if we possess a stranger inside of our self, governing our behaviour”.  That actually sounds a lot scarier than it is.  The truth is that the ‘stranger inside’ in most cases is our conditioning.  Conditioning is what we believe as the ‘truth’ about who we are and what is right and wrong.  Conditioning is also much of our emotional response to people, events and ideas.  What we may not be aware of are the intricacies of how these were mainly formed by life experiences, culture, education, family ties and our own interpretation of what we have seen and experienced.

Conditioning is a natural part of the human experience and some of it helps you to survive and make sound life decisions. However, some of your conditioning may actually be hindering you emotionally, professionally or even spiritually. Our conditioning, in many cases, is simply not fit for purpose because it prevents us from knowing who we really are and what our own truth is.

Most of us have heard about the power of the subconscious mind. Did you ever think about why it’s powerful? It’s because it’s largely free of emotional clutter. It’s the part of us that knows us well and doesn’t pay attention to self doubt and other unhelpful belief systems. It’s the wisdom that is part of who we all are. It’s your superpower that is a lot more accessible than you realise.

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