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You can have a Subconscious Reading at any time of the day or night, whether you are awake or asleep, even if you are busy at work or with the kids. That is part of the beauty of a Subconscious Reading: You don’t have to take time out of your day to find out what the answers to your life are.

All you need to give me are the Questions that you want answered or the topics to explore.

Your Subconscious will do the rest.

Your Subconscious will provide me with the answers and I will convey them to you at a convenient time that’s right for you.

In a session, I dedicate as much time as necessary to your Subconscious Mind.

I communicate and converse with you – the same as talking to you in person – posing your questions and listening to your responses.  But rather than talking with your conscious, conditioned self, I converse with you on a deeper level – on an open and  subconscious level – to hear what your true self, your authentic self, has to say to provide the answers to the questions you have or the guidance you are looking for.

You will only tell me what you want me to know and I maintain the strictest confidence in what you share with me.

The best part is that the answers come from you, the deeper you, the inner you, your authentic self that is true to your being and free from emotional and social conditioning. All I do is convey the message you give me back to your conscious, everyday self so you can decide how to act on it.

I don’t judge, offer my opinion or tell you what I believe is right or wrong.  I simply convey the details your subconscious gives me – you do all the talking!

Afterwards, people often have major ‘shifts’ after hearing what their subconscious reveals after a Subconscious Reading.

Quite often I am told the reading awakens their own awareness and helps guide their path.

Subconscious Readings can help with:

  • Understanding what Really matters and is important to YOU.
  • Knowing what to Embrace and what to Let go of.
  • Insights into Emotions and Feelings.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Clarifying decision making.
  • Feeling lost or directionless in Life.
  • Understanding what resonates with your true self.
  • Helping to understand your life purpose.
  • Interpreting your Spiritual journey.